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Zip HydroTap Sparkling

Charlotte Noall

Boiling | Chilled | Sparkling | Filtered | Instantly

The growing popularity of bottled sparkling water has led the world’s number one instant boiling water company to add new models to its Zip HydroTap range, with sparkling chilled filtered drinking water as well as boiling and chilled – all at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Because the new Zip HydroTap models filter out impurities as tiny as one fifth of a thousandth of a millimetre, they give sparkling water that is crystal clear and tastes great alone, or mixed with spirits, wines, cordials or juices.

The remaining boiling water feature, Zip HydroTap is still great for instantly made hot beverages and speeding up cooking times with boiling water on tap. 

The Zip Hyrdo Tap G4 can be installed on a sink – or any location away from the sink, using an optional ‘font’ accessory, to suit your space. With your choice of designer finishes and styles and models for residential kitchens, and larger-capacity systems for commercial and industrial applications there’s a perfect HydroTap for every space, from the smallest home to the largest office.

You'll see significant reduction in power costs with smart technology features including sleep mode, hibernation mode and a 24/7 timer. The brilliant Zip HydroTap G4 provides you with a safe, smart and sustainable solution.  

Available in bright chrome, brushed chrome, gloss black and matt black. The revolutionary Zip HyrdoTap will save you money and time in the kitchen, by supplying chilled, boiling and now sparkling water instantly straight from the tap. 

Contact us at Mary Noall to order yours now!